NET WORTH – AUG 2021 $1,245,482 (+59,993)
NET WORTH – AUG 2021 $1,245,482 (+59,993)

NET WORTH – AUG 2021 $1,245,482 (+59,993)

So, lets kick this all off by giving my first Net Worth update. I will endeavour to keep this section nautical free and only produce the numbers and facts. This is very nerve racking to show you my net worth.

As you can see my net worth is very heavy in-home equity. My share portfolio only makes up 8% of my total net worth. I really want this number to be equal to my home equity value.

In Australia we love real estate and that’s where I have made most of my money, I have been very smart in my decisions on where to purchase. For example, my last investment property was a steal, it sat on the market for over a year, why? Because it burnt down, and no one wanted to touch it. I came along demolished it and built a brand-new house, that is positively geared!! But more on that in a later post.

My Net worth for August but in a graph

Here are the numbers for Aug 2021.

My Net worth for Aug

$59,993 is not normal, In August I get my superannuation statement and that made up $57,231 of my gains

Share Portfolio

My Share portfolio for Aug

Good gains overall, Nearmap is super volatile, and I generally don’t use it as a metric to my overall performance.

Santos is a stock I have held for years; I still don’t really know why I hold it for. It has been a constant disappointment in my portfolio.

But as you can see, I am super bullish on Australian companies, with my over goal diversification of global assets through Magellan.

Investment Property

Real-estate trend for investing

This is the median property price for the suburb that my two houses are in and looks like we are still having our bull run. I really don’t know how we can keep this momentum going, prices really can’t keep going up, can they?

My goal with my properties is to pay my home loan off quickly and debt recycle into my property or margin loan. This is part of my debt reduction and tax avoidance plan.


Superannuation statement arrived in August, I only get a yearly update and can’t access it otherwise. This is due to it being a commonwealth super scheme by the government, I do not have a choice in what super I choose. But due to length of employment with the government I get a 20% super guarantee from my employer. That’s Hectic!!

I also salary sacrifice around $5,000 into my super as well.


Total outgoing was $4328

Total incoming was $4786

Three big expenses of the month of July were car registration and we went on a mini mid-year holiday. Totally to around $1000 bucks.

We are also living off one wage now as the wife has taken maternity leave to look after our bubs full time. Not expecting her to go back to work till start of next year.

August Goal

Is to reduce spending, and file my tax return. That money from the tax returns will go towards a new car.

See you next month,


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