Net Worth Update – SEP 21 $1,231,995 (+$6,508)
Net Worth Update – SEP 21 $1,231,995 (+$6,508)

Net Worth Update – SEP 21 $1,231,995 (+$6,508)

My new car is being built!!! This is pretty exciting news, especially with the microchip shortage. The Toyota dealership said it could be between a 6 to 12-month wait for the new Toyota Rav4 2021 model. Crazy, but I am happy to wait. This is my first new car and I  have plans to keep it till it dies.

Toyota Rav4

Why did we buy a new car? My current Rav4 has 150k on the clock, not big but getting there. Plus the new Rav4 I bought is a hybrid. The only new car I was going to buy was a hybrid, and Toyota have a great mechanical track record.I ran the numbers and it made more financial sense to buy a new hybrid, more to come on that.

But this whole lockdown is now starting to affect us. It’s been months, but I get the reason and am happy to follow the governments direction.

Tax returns have been filed and deposited. These are not going towards anything fun, just the car savings account.

So without further a due, let us run the numbers.

per cent chart

Cash reserves have gone up due to the wife picking up some shifts during her maternity leave. This does not include the tax return, as that went to separate savings account for the new car.

So here are the net worth numbers:

net worth sep

I’ve started to stop looking at the percentage now in my net worth. I like to look at the changes in dollars.


share portfolio

Shares doing well, like usual Santos is disappointing. I Need to sell this and move it into something better.

I did receive a $476 dividend from JB HIFI, making it ex-dividend hence the drop in the value in price.


Total outgoing was $3166

Total incoming was $9637

Was able to realise my reduced spending goal. The increase of incoming is due to an interest-free green loan for solar being paid off, and my wife picking up a few hours.

This month I’m expecting a few council rates to come through, which will hurt my outgoing.


September goal is to maintain my low spending and keep saving into my car account.

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    1. Thanks man, its been quite a ride over the last 5 years. Overall goal with the houses is to keep paying them down, then sell all to get rid of my mortgage plus upsize. My Investment Property (house 2) is just positively geared, so I’m in no rush to sell. I am also considering a third IP next year when the wife goes back to work, if she wants to that is.

  1. Hey – welcome to the FI journey, and the small and elite group of nautical themed FI blogs in particular! It’s great to see you start out on the journey, and the blog is just beautifully designed! Remember, we need to coordinate on nautical metaphors, especially when rations get low!

    I’m curious – how did the journey start for you? That’s an interesting set of shareholdings,

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Yes, in my younger days, I was all onboard with individual stocks. I even owned mining exploration stocks. I was more gambling than investing back then. Some of my gambles turned out to be good investments, and I sold the other not so good ones.

      But as time and education sets in, you learn from your mistakes. And I think I was always following the route towards financial independence, just only within the last year I would say I formalised it.

      Look forward to sailing together.

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